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CPU (Central Processing Unit) (English)

The nerve center of microcomputer is the Central Processing Unit(CPU).This unit is built into single microprocessor chip-integrated circuit wich executes program instruction and supervises the computer overall operation. The part of CPU are:
1.Unit Control:it examines the instructions in the user's program,interpretes each
instruction and causes the circuits and the rest of the components-disk
2.Arithmetic Logic Unit(ALU).It performs mathematical calculation(+,-,etc).ALU
performs all arithmetic operations based of add operation,so the electronic
circuit that is used is called as adder
3.Register:High speed units of memory.these are used to store and control
information. The kind of register:
a.IR(Instruction Register):register that holds the instruction that is being
b.PC(Program Counter):register that keep trac of the next instruction to be
performed in the main memory.PC also store the address of location from main
memory that contents istruction that is being executed.
c.General Purpose Register has general fuction for data that is processed.For
example:operand that is used for storing data that is being processed.
Accumulator keep the result of processing.
d.MDR(Memory Data Register)is used to store data or instruction that is sent from
main memory to CPU or store data that it will be sent to main memory from CPU.
e.MAR(Memory Address Register) is used to store address of data or instruction in
main memory that will be taken or received.

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